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Privacy Statement

1. The purpose of the statement

The purpose of this privacy statement is to capture data protection and data management principles applied on www.birdflow.org website by Bíró Bálint individual entrepreneur (Headquarters: Hungary, 5100 Jászberény, Kun street 16; Tax ID 66348944-1-36).


2. Designation of Data Manager

Name: Bíró Bálint individual entrepreneur (Headquarters: 5100, Jászberény, Kun utca 16; Tax ID 66348944-1-36)

Phone: 0036303232373

E-mail address: hello@birdflow.org

Data handling registration number: NAIH-122424/2017

3. Scope of handled personal data:

3.1 Before creating a user account, the user is required to provide the following personal information:


Home address

Mailing address

Phone number

Tax identification number

E-mail address

3.2. Technical data to be recorded during the operation of the system: data of the user’s login computer which are generated during the usage of service, and which are captured by the data management system as automatic result of technical processes. Automatically recorded data are logged without the user’s specific statement or act during login and logout. These data cannot be linked with other personal user data – expect in cases imposed by law. Only the data manager can access to the data.

3.3. During the usage of the system, the number sequence is transmitted to the Data Manager, which is generated by the payment service and identifies the user.

4. Legal basis, method and purpose of data management

4.1 The legal basis of data manager to handle the users’ personal data with the users’ voluntary consent handling their personal data is based on a) point of CXII. law of 2011 (Infotv.) section 5 subsection 1, which is about the right of informational self-determination and freedom of information.

4.2 Based on the statutory authorization of data manager, because of invoicing fees from contract for services, he can handle natural personal identification data and address related to information society service, and also data regarding the date, period and place of the particular service.

4.3 Handling of personal data is happening exclusively assigned. The purpose of handling personal information is to provide services through www.birdflow.org website, to send newsletters and tutorials to users, to keep in touch with clients, and to invoice bills.

4.4 The purpose of automatically recorded data to make statistics, to develop IT system, and to protect users’ rights.

4.5 Data manager will not use the given personal information for other purposes than those described in these paragraphs. Giving the personal data to thrid parties or authorities – unless otherwise provided by the law – is only possible with the prior consent of the user.

5. Duration of data management

5.1 The registration and handling the personal data during the usage of services on www.birdflow.org website will continue until the discontinuance of the contract.

5.2 The above provisions do not affect the fulfilment of storage obligations specified in laws (e.g.. accounting regulations).

6. Transmitting and processing personal data

6.1 When using services on www.birdflow.org website, the data manager is entitled to transmit the user’s personal information toward the following entities:

PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., (R.C.S. Luxembourg B 118 349)

6.2 In addition to the above mentioned, transmitting of user’s personal data can only occur mandatory under the applicable law, and with the user’s explicit consent.

6.3 When using the services on www.birdflow.org website, data manager can only use the following data processor:

Tarhely.eu Kft.

Hungary, 1144 Budapest, Ormánság 4.

e-mail: support@tarhely.eu

7. User rights and available legal remedies

7.1 For the request of the concerned parties, data manager provides information about data handled by him, and about its sources and purposes, its legal basis, and who will get them and for what purpose. Data manager provides the requested information electronically within 30 days of the submission of the request.

7.2 The user is entitled to ask for rectification of his rectification personal data.

7.3 The user is entitled to ask for deletion of his personal data. The deletion does not apply to data management required by legislation (e.g. accounting regulations), those data must be preserved by the service provider for the required period.

7.4 The involved person may exercise his rights through the following contact:

Address: 5100 Jászberény, Kun street 16, Hungary

Email: hello@birdflow.org

7.5 The user can assert his rights before the courts based on Infotv. and the Civil Code, as well as he can ask the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (NAIH) (1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet alley 22/C) because of his complaints about data handling practice of the data manager.

8. Newsletters

8.1 Data manager can only send ads or advertisements (newsletter) to the e-mail addresses given during registration, if the user gave his explicit consent, in accordance with the legal requirements. The user can always unsubscribe from the newsletter with the help of the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

9. Final provisions

9.1 The data manager is obliged to ensure the security of personal information he manages, he also adopt technical measures to ensure that the recorded, stored and handled data are protected, and he also do his best to prevent their destruction, unauthorized usage and unauthorized alteration.

9.2 The data manager reserves the right to unilaterally modify the reported statement with the notification of users. The data manager publishes the information about his modifications of privacy statement on www.birdflow.org website. Following the modification becomes effective, the user implicitly acknowledges the modifications of privacy statement with the usage of services.


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